Terms of Use

1. What is Skywerk?

Skywerk is a user-friendly construction manager that makes managing construction easy – starting with a calendar with a summary view of projects and ending with productive accounting. Skywerk Construction Manager provides data processing service mainly to construction companies. The aim is to provide a novel solution to ensure the company’s better sustainability progress. The solutions are user-friendly and easy to use. The owner of the web solution provider is OÜ Skywerk.

2. Definitions

Skywerk Construction Manager – web solution provider; service provider.

User account – client account for web solution; information storage system;

USER – User of the web solution; client of the web solution.

3. Payment methods

  • Invoice – by choosing invoice payment, you can immediately start using the service. The invoice will be sent to you by e-mail within three working days.

  • Card payment – when selecting card payment, you must enter the corresponding credit card numbers to use the service. For card payments, the system automatically takes a monthly payment on the corresponding date. The option is to cancel the package purchase at any time. Accepted payment cards are Visa / MasterCard.

  • Links of Estonian Banks – Swedbank SEB Luminor LHV Coop Pocopay Liisi ID.

4. Currency

The currency of the service is the euro, abbreviation EUR, symbol - €.

5. Purchase of the service

  • Check out the page and its possibilities,

  • If you want to try the solution, press the ’Free trial’ button on the front page,

  • Then fill out the form to use Skywerk web solution,

  • If you want to make invoice payment, tick the ’I want to pay by invoice’ box,

  • In case of card payment, there is no need to do anything in this form at the moment,

  • Check the confirmation message in your email inbox,

  • Click on the link to verify and log in with your username and password as entered in the form,

  • Then confirm the package selection and press the confirmation button below the package selection,

  • If you chose card payment then add your credit card details, and payment will be deducted after the trial has ended,

  • Confirm details of payment instrument,

  • You have reached homepage of Skywerk solution. Enjoy the use!

6. Terms of purchase

By purchasing the Service, the User agrees to all the terms and conditions set out by the Service Provider. The service can be used as soon as the necessary forms have been filled in and the e-mail address has been confirmed. If the purchase is not paid, the Skywerk construction manager has the right to terminate the contract with the Buyer immediately with prior notice.

6.1. Recurring payments

Recurring payments – the amount of monthly payment for selected package, automatically deducted from the credit card as a monthly prepayment for using the system. Recurring payments can be cancelled from your user account on the 'Order Details' page. You can cancel your recurring payment order at any time. After the first payment of the trial version has been made, the Customer has agreed to all the terms and conditions, and the money will not be refunded upon withdrawal, but the contract will be terminated if desired. Recurring payments are billed separately on a monthly basis. The first payment will be made immediately after the 14-day trial expires. Payment is made on the same date each month. By accepting recurring payments, you agree to all the terms and conditions established by OÜ Skywerk. We make recurring payments through the AS Maksekeskus system.

7. Activation of User account

By activating the User account, the User agrees to all the terms and conditions set by the service provider. If the conditions are not met, the service provider may terminate the contract with the user. The user has any access to the terms of the rights of use and the privacy policy to stay updated.

8. Deleting a user account

The activated user account can be deleted by the Skywerk construction manager itself. By entering a user account deletion order, all user account data documents and any activity are deleted from the system 90 days after. Before deleting a user account, the user must save his own documents and necessary data in order to keep their data after deleting the user account. If this is not done, there will be no later access to the data.

9. Trial version

The trial version is intended for the User to familiarize himself with the given web solution. The trial version is proportional to the time limit of the full version. The trial period is 14 days. Before activating the trial version, you must enter payment information into the system. The first payment will be made automatically after a 14-day trial by manual credit card payment. Payment is made in advance. At the end of the trial version or in the middle of the duration, if the package is cancelled, the user will not be charged a fee, but the contract will be terminated immediately.

10. Service payment control

To check the service, log in to your account. Select ’settings’ and then ’payment settings’ from the menu on the left. On that page you will find the details of the package you have chosen and the terms of payment of the invoice. If you have purchased the service with a credit card, you can quickly activate and cancel the service on this page. If you have purchased the Service with an invoice and you no longer wish to use it, you can notify customer support at info@skywerk.ee or ignore the payment of the invoice, and then the contract with you will be automatically terminated after the payment deadline.

11. Payment solutions

Upon activation of the service, a monthly payment will be deducted from the user’s current account after the 14-day trial has elapsed. Billing will take place every month on the date of the first payment. Billing is on a monthly basis. A prerequisite for successful payment is a functioning payment instrument. Skywerk Construction Manager is the controller of personal data; we forward the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.

12. Withdrawal procedure

It is possible to cancel the service at any time. Therefore, the Buyer has a 14-day trial before purchase. It is possible to withdraw from the service at any time within these 14 days. After the 14-day trial, the user shall agree to all the terms of the Service Provider for further use. It is also possible to withdraw from the purchase after payment at any time, but the money will not be refunded if paid. If you cancel the service, a new payment will not be charged from the card, but the contract with the Buyer will be terminated. The Buyer can then use the service until the beginning of the next payment. If you still want to continue using it, you can do it with one click under settings.

13. Complaints and Disputes

We resolve disputes and complaints within the company directly with the Buyer. Please submit all complaints to the following e-mail address: info@skywerk.ee. We will then contact the Buyer immediately by email or telephone within seven working days. We try to resolve disputes with the client quickly and in a friendly way. We will find a common solution.

14. Updates

Skywerk Construction Manager is constantly updating itself according to user preferences. Updates are performed on weekdays during user inactivity to reduce potential problems during the system usage process.

15. Changes

Skywerk Construction Manager has the right to make changes to these terms of use.

Last modified 01.07.2019